The Grand Deception




ACT 1:  The Brotherhood

The long and violent history of the Muslim Brotherhood is timelined through rare and exclusive footage and audio


ACT 2: Target: America

The uncovering of “smoking gun” documents that roadmap ‘eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within


ACTS 3 – 5: Strategy

Examples of the sabotage of American civilization, including media supremacy, political camouflage & language manipulation


ACT 6: Quintessential Brother

A high-profile, cautionary tale of a self-proclaimed ‘moderate’ spokesman for Muslim Americans with secret ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas & Al Qaeda


ACT 7: The Deception Continues

Cloaked as America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization, CAIR’s true radical political and ideological agenda is brought into the light of day


Act 8: From Words to Action

The ideological war between those who choose to use words and those who censor them, & the radical consequences when words win

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