The Grand Deception

Interview Clips

Doug Farah: On the classic techniques of subversion Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: Critical engagement with Islamists and a level playing field Mamoun Fandy: Muslim Brotherhood is not a monolith
but deserves scrutiny
Nathan Garrett: How Muslim Brotherhood strategically uses dawa Nathan Garrett: Muslim Brotherhood U.S. presence tied to Palestinian issue Douglas Farah: Distinction between Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood groups
Jeff Breinholt: How Islamist organizations skirt terrorism-financing laws Zeyno Baran: Understanding is necessary before engagement Steve Emerson: Difference between Muslim leadership
and average Muslims
Dr. Mamoun Fandy: True face
of Hamas
Lafif Lakhdar: The relationship historically between Islamists and U.S. Dr. Mamoun Fandy: Muslim Brotherhood has sophisticated strategies of subterfuge

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